NPL Science Quiz with Prize

Download the quiz here and use the NPL history portal to help you find the answers; think about if you could measure anything what would it be and why.

Return your completed quiz to the Parish Hall (address below) marked ‘Tedd800 Science Quiz’ for a chance to win an NPL prize.

 Download Quiz

Children’s History Trails

Pick up a the Tedd800 children’s town trail from the church, or download it here, to help your family discover more facts your never knew or had forgotten about our town.

Come and discover the hidden stories of St Mary’s church by picking up a trail inside.

 Download Trail

Teddington Minecraft Challenge

Are you amazing at Minecraft? Can you create incredible things? Can you model a building or a part of Teddington? Send us a screen print of your fabulous creations to feature in our September ‘Visions of Teddington’ exhibit.

Send your entries to the Tedd800 Team for a chance to win the prize for the best one.

 Download Challenge