Well we did it, we launched, and by all accounts it was magnificent! We had a big fun filled celebration back in mid June and Teddington’s 800th birthday is well underway. It was good too – the Mayor came in her robes (and was hot), the Dean of Westminster came in his (and was witty) and our new-old MP Vince came (and was heartily cheered)! And very many of you came too – and it was extremely lovely to see you all.

 But let’s keep looking forward to more fun – we’ve had the launch, we’ve had the wonderful Fair and fantastic Pram Race (thank you for your sponsorship) and here comes July – and we’re ready for some superduper sport!

Thanks to Bushy parkrun (yes it is a lowercase ‘p’, you sticklers) there’s a Teddington themed fancy dress 5K on Saturday 8th at 9am. I’m thinking of fishing out my son’s sailor hat and going as Benny Hill – for it to work all I need is for two bald volunteers to join me and then for the rest of the entrants to agree to run in single file behind. Any offers?

The day after that, on Sunday 9th (2-6pm), also in Bushy (Clapperstile gate), we have our massive town silly sports day, where you can join in the usual daft races, the great big tug of war, cheer club teams in the very serious (there’s a proper trophy up for grabs) inter-club egg and spoon, and even try out out lots of new sports for yourself at the club demo stands. I have to say that I’m particularly looking forward to seeing the demonstration from the Sub Aqua club!

And then, well it wouldn’t be an 800 Summer without a bit of Tedd800 cricket would it. Now, thanks to my Gran, (Grannie Tempest), I am conflicted when it comes to cricket. On the one hand, I love sport – watching, doing, cheering – and I can fully appreciate a long, warm afternoon, glass in hand, letting the runs wash over me. Then on the other hand, I still remember a little too clearly my Gran’s great passion for the game, and for also making me sit and listen to her commentate over our local team for hours because she happened to live beside the cricket pavilion and was obsessed by me getting ‘enough fresh air’.

Thankfully, as part of the Tedd800 celebrations, we’re planning the first kind of match. On Wed July 19th from 6pm, you can come and watch the Bishop of Kensington captain a team of clergy against our own Teddington Cricket Club. Ah, conflicted again, who to support – loyalty to the Vicar or loyalty to the club my children play for? I’m half wondering whether Bishops pray to win like the rest of us? Well, just in case he has an unfair advantage, I’m going to say – C’Mon TCC!

As always and as with everything Tedd800, everyone is welcome to come – so do join us, glass in hand, and let the runs wash over you – and I promise not to commentate!

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