Teddington is undoubtedly a special place to live and work. But let’s take a journey back through the mists of time to 1217. It was then that the Abbot of Westminster was asked to present to the Bishop of London ‘a suitable chaplain, with maintenance, for Tudinton’. This marked the birth of the parish 800 years ago.

To honour this very significant anniversary, and with the great help and generosity of many local groups, clubs and individuals, we are holding a big festival of events this Summer and Autumn between June and November. It will encompass all the many interests and aspects of our town, whether that is sport, fun, art or history and will recognise our sense of belonging and togetherness.

A parish is an area, a district, the whole country is split up into parishes, but each parish has a unique identity, Teddington 800 is about our identity, from 1217 right up until 2017 and beyond. We are still a community, we are still a parish, let’s have fun together celebrating that!

Rev Joe Moffatt