So, are you ready for Easter? What are you up to in this Octocentennial year? (Yes I did have to look that up).

Let’s see – telling people you’re giving something up to be good, but secretly knowing it’s because you think you might lose weight? Well yes, me too. It’s bread and butter actually, no weight loss however – due to my choice of replacement being digestives.

 Still…. the other thing I’ll be doing is finalising all the Teddington 800 plans. Pinning down the dates for all 25 activities. Yes that’s 25 activities and events between June and November! Heritage, Sport, River, History, Music, Art, Science, Memories and Drama – and a fancy pants Ball to boot.

So what’s been happening since last month? Well a wonderful person has stepped up to make the 800 launch cake (thank you Lucy) – we are the Church of England after all and a celebration without cake would be unthinkable!

The Teddington Society have been busy producing the most amazing display on major events and people from the last 8 centuries and the Rugby, Cricket and Football clubs are designing the best and silliest sports day games. Normansfield Theatre have offered to host the Teddington Review Play and Newland House school are working on an 800 quiz. Turing House have popped us on their website, NPL are helping with all sorts, Lensbury would like to bring their Dragon Boats to the River Day (who knew we had those in Tedders), and the wonderful Pram Race group are thinking of teaming up maybe. There have also been offers from more excellent music groups, choirs, schools and businesses, not to mention Totally Locally mulling over an ‘800 Fest’ and residents groups even planning street parties (Hello WattsLaners).

The oomph of the Teddosphere continues!

It’s an exciting time  – come and join us, there are so many ways:

Can you get together a team for the town sports day?

Do you have a would-be quiz team handy? Could you win do you think?

Can you volunteer for half an hour at the Teddington Fair?

Would you like a Flower Festival display in memory of a special time or person?
Could you sponsor the September Teddington800 ball?
Have you performance talent which could be great for the ‘Teddington Review’ play or at the Thomas Traherne poetry day in the Autumn?
Could you bring a boat to the River Blessing?
Would you put up a poster in your window or on your website for us?

Could you help to serve refreshments for everyone at the launch service?

…… or something else entirely?

So, we’re getting closer to our June 11th kick off, but let’s enjoy Easter first – and by the way, if I don’t see you, then have a lovely break and as the Vicar would probably say – Easter Blessings to you.

And if you do want to pop by, then St Mary with St Alban is always open 9-5 and on Easter Sunday we’ll be there from 6.30am for a dawn service with a fire, oh and at 9 and at 10 – and at 6.30am there’s a proper breakfast too – after all, it is the Church of England and Easter without scambled eggs would be unthinkable!

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